Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mexican Beef Stuff with Cauliflower Couscous

This was the biggest hit yet, I think. Other than the pi pie, that is. Probably because I didn't attempt to season it myself.

* A Chuck roast. I supplemented ours with about a pound of ground beef
* 1/2 cup broth
* 1 jar salsa (mine was 16 oz. Larger wouldn't be a bad thing)

Put roast in crock pot - on low if it's properly defrosted and you're doing it in the morning. On high if you do it like me and stick it in there straight out of the freezer. Dump broth on roast. Dump salsa on roast. Cook until falling apart.

If you use a larger jar of salsa, you can probably skip the broth. I used the broth because we didn't have salsa at the time I started it. I added some extra water, as well, and it was a bit excessively wet, so I left the lid off for the last hour or so to let it cook down.


This was supposed to be "rice", but I over-processed it, so it was couscous. Oh well. I also made too much - cutting it in half would have been fine.

* 1 head cauliflower
* 1 onion
* several cloves of garlic
* Black pepper and cumin to taste

Dice onion, and fry in a bit of whatever you prefer to fry things in until transparent. While it is frying, food process the cauliflower and garlic until approximately the consistency of rice (or couscous). Toss in with the onion and fry it a bit.

Put meat mixture on top of couscous. Or mix them together, or whatever. Eat.

Everyone ate this. LemurDa said he liked the couscous better than normal rice, but didn't eat much of that part, as he wasn't sure how it was for the low-carb thing (as far as I can tell, it's fine - it's presented as "low carb" rice replacement at least as often as paleo). So did Housemate. LemurBoy said it was awesome (with cheese and sour cream). LemurGirl ate up most of the meat part, anyways. I liked it. Housemate and AutisticGirl liked it.

We'll see how Baby does with the salsa.

I think we'll make it again if Baby can deal ok.

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