Friday, April 15, 2011

Chicken Bacon Apple Hash

Inspired by this post on, I decided to use up our leftover chicken and make a slightly more creative than usual lunch.

Chicken Bacon Apple Hash:

Leftover chicken (I used 3 drumsticks)
Apples (I used 2 very small red delicious. 1 normal apple would probably do)
Bacon (Approximately 2 strips? I dunno. We use the Daily's Ends and Pieces, which are inexpensive, thick cut, and delicious, but don't lend themselves to accurate measuring)
Cinnamon, garlic powder, sage (or whatever other spices you desire)

Chop onion and bacon into small bits, toss into the pan with your oil of choice, and fry for a bit. I just used about a tablespoon of the onion that I'll be frying up to throw in our soup for dinner - I'd have preferred a bit more, but the kids don't like onion. While the onions and bacon are frying, chop the apple into thin slices and the chicken into bite sized chunks. Throw them in the pan along with the bacon and onions. Sprinkle with spices, and stir around until the chicken is adequately reheated and the apples are a bit soft.

This made not really enough for two kids and one adult, but could easily be scaled up (or down).

They both loved it. Boy asked if I could make it for dinner sometime (I can, but it might make for a better breakfast, as originally suggested), and declared it one of his three best dinners. Pretty impressive, seeing as it was lunch. I thought it was good, but would have been way better with a more flavorful variety of apple. I'll definitely make it again!

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