Friday, April 22, 2011

Dandelion Root Beer, Day 3 - Bubbles!

The instructions for creating the starter said that it would take about a week for the fermentation to start.

Yet here we are, on Day 3 of the Great Dandelion Experiment, and we have bubbles!


See all that little foamy stuff up around the top? That's what we want!

It smells right, too (kind of a sweet/sour yogurty smell).

I had my doubts about whether this would work, between using spring dandelion root and having fake maple syrup with preservatives in it as the sweetener, but it appears to be doing what it's supposed to be doing!

I decided to cover it with plastic wrap instead of closing the lid, just in case it became too pressurized.

I think we're going to give it at least another day or two, because I have a bit of a hard time believing it's actually all ready that fast.

Today's root was neat - the single taproot branched into three separate-appearing dandelions.

For those concerned about the time investment, so far this has taken approximately 10 minutes per day. It would take 2 minutes if I was using ginger, not digging up dandelions.

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