Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The other day, LemurBoy and I did an experiment where you get two bowls of water - one cool, one ice cold. Put your hand in the cool water and see how it feels, then put it in ice water for a minute, then back in the cool water. Suddenly, the cool water feels warm. I explained that the hand had adapted to the temperature. He, for some reason, found my use of the word "adapted" hilarious, and latched on to it, using it in the report he dictated to me afterwards. His hilarity should have been my clue to find out what he was thinking...

At our teacher meeting shortly after, the teacher asked what he meant by "adapted". He explained that this was like how a donkey and a horse could get married, and their baby would be a mule, but two mules couldn't get married.

I choked on my laugh. "I guess that wasn't quite the explanation you were expecting."

"That's why I love this job!" she said.

Still not sure where his mind was going, and I have a suspicion Proposition 8 is all tied up in there somewhere...

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