Saturday, January 16, 2010

For 2nd grade

An ongoing list, primarily for my own benefit

Language Arts:
This will be very dependent on how much LemurBoy is reading by that point. I'm not even going to venture a guess now.
AO recommendations.
Just keep reading!

Social Studies:
Story of the World II
AO recommendations

I like the concept of Singapore Math. However, having looked at it, I'm not convinced it's something that will work well for LemurBoy, who seems to prefer numbers to pictures. Math Mammoth is another consideration.
Or just use the workbooks we already have, though I'd like something more structured.

Real Science-4-Kids. Love the books (from what I've seen), hate that 4. I suppose I could get them and re-label the covers.
Beyond that, probably about the same as now.

Foreign Language:
I'm a little torn on this one. Spanish or Latin?
Maybe English From The Roots Up and Song School Latin.

Some sort of introduction to reading music - recorder or piano.
Is there something out there about developing music fluency? 4 years of piano lessons didn't do that for me, despite having a good ear.
I'd like to start artist and composer studies.

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