Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grammar and curriculum

Why is it that certain curriculums feel the need to be clever and spell their name incorrectly?

Math-U-See and Real Science-4-Kids, I'm looking at you!

I'm sure the true grammar mavens are rolling their eyes at me, glass houses and thrown stones and all that. I know I'm far from perfect at spelling and grammar. However, I do try to avoid deliberate misspelling and grammar errors. Especially in commercial products. Double-especially in commercial *educational* products. How are we supposed to teach our kids that text speak is not acceptable in formal writing when their TEXTBOOKS have it on the cover?

I've looked at Real Science-4-Kids and am pretty crazy about it - real science content at an age-appropriate level (relatively, anyways. I'd get the Level 1 for my 1st grader, who is "supposed" to be on pre-level-1 - I don't care if I have to read it aloud if he's capable of the comprehension, which he is). They're a breath of fresh air after the pablum our school provided, in which LemurBoy not only knew the material in much more depth than the textbook provided, but also found an inaccuracy in the first and only chapter we read together. I may buy it, and it's rare that I do that.

But the 4 makes me twitch, and it's hard to look past it to the juicy science content underneath.

Perhaps I should stick a label over the title to correct it.

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