Friday, August 3, 2012

Now that it's August, I'm starting to think about planning for the upcoming school year.

Yes, I'm a total procrastinator. But not that bad. In many ways, there isn't all that much I need to do. While I *can* go sort out a week-by-week schedule with all our readings and then go through the library catalog and reserve everything in advance, I can also do that week by week.

This is the year I've been trying to figure out for years. LemurBoy is in 4th (Modern History, by the WTM cycle), while LemurGirl is in 1st (Ancients). Do I just have them do two separate tracks? Do I have LB skip Modern and start over at Ancients? Or do I wait to formally start LG until next year, when she's in second grade?

I'd pretty much decided to start LG next year. She's no huge history fan at the moment, while LB is. And Modern History has most of my favorite historical fiction, so I have a hard time passing that up.

However, LB has developed a fascination with myths, and is open to starting over with Ancients. He's also recently reached critical mass in reading, going from barely at grade level with minimal voluntary reading to reading 6th grade level novels in a few hours. This makes life so much easier, as I can assign him reading and not have to read it to him myself. What a concept!

So I'll assign him all that historical fiction I loved (we have very similar taste in books, and I have little doubt he'll love it, too), and maybe SOTW4 as independent reading, and we'll concentrate  on Ancients as a family.

So, it's a good thing I procrastinated and didn't already make up weekly schedule complete with reserved books, right?

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