Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I need to sit down and actually go through more of Ambleside Online in more detail, it seems.

I was looking over Year 3 to see what books we need to find, and discovered that Marco Polo is the geography for year 3. We just finished up studying about Marco Polo, and really, Tree in the Trail would have worked better for geography for next year. I had a similar realization about Viking Tales earlier this year.

My poor LemurBoy. I feel like he's such a test-case for figuring this all out. I know the same thing doesn't work for all kids and I'll likely have to go through and figure everything out all over again for one his siblings. And I know I'll keep finding wonderful resources when I'm past the point where they would have been useful. That's life. But it feels like LB bears the brunt of my stumbling, as is the fate of all first children.

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