Monday, January 3, 2011

I started this blog a year ago, with the intention of keeping a better record of our homeschooling activities for family, friends, and my own records. It didn't really work out the way I'd planned. Same could be said of life in general. When I'd started this blog, we'd discussed moving, but hadn't decided anything resembling specifics, and I'm not sure Nevada had even come up in conversation. I thought I'd passed the hardest semester of nursing school, and had no clue the last one was going to kick me in the posterior. And another baby certainly wasn't in the plans, yet there she is, nursing away as I type.

So maybe this year, without all that school, pregnancy, and moving eating up my attention, I'll actually post something.

I'm planning to do 52 Books in 52 Weeks this year. I managed 54 books last year (that I wrote down, anyways) despite school and all, so I'm not anticipating the reading being an issue. Writing reviews? Probably moreso.

First up is Long May She Reign by Ellen Emerson White. It's a YA book, but at 707 pages I won't feel guilty about t.hat

The first three books in the series were written in the 80's. I read the third, in which the protagonist, who is the daughter of the first female president of the US, is kidnapped by terrorists. Never read the others, as my library didn't have them. The fourth book was published in 2007, and, after moving, I discovered our library system had all four, so I'm now (re)reading the whole series.

The first novel-length read-aloud of the year for the kids will be Five Children and It. We read the first chapter last night, and LemurBoy seemed to enjoy it (LemurGirl, as usual, quickly fell asleep). I'm not counting our read-alouds towards the contest, but would like to keep track of them anyways!

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